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We are not a pure software company, we understand shoe trade

Our mission

mySHOEFITTER digital shoe size advice - shoe store
The year 2023: AI takes over more and more tasks from our everyday things, cars can drive fully autonomously and our lives are enriched by more and more innovation. Only online shoe shopping has not changed to this day and has remained stagnant since the beginning of e-commerce. To this end, many people always have the challenge of choosing the right size for their shoes. It's not without reason that incredible amounts of shoes ordered online are returned. While there are initial solutions, there is always at least one downside associated with it: forever long customer journeys or terribly long instructions, app downloads or in the worst case completely wrong measurement methods or inaccurate size suggestions.

We set out to develop a solution that not only solves the largely avoidable returns problem , but is also really fun and offers a great customer experience. For this purpose, we have developed an innovative application that can not only be easily and uncomplicatedly integrated into any online store, but that also puts the online shopper in the center and offers a special and sustainable shopping experience. Perfectly adapted to the respective online store.

Our team


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But the revolution of online shoe shopping is not an easy task, it requires a lot of creativity, expertise and ambition. That's exactly why we've put together an incredibly great team to take on this challenge. By combining our diverse skills and experience, and with a lot of passion and commitment, we have managed to develop a tool that meets all our expectations - and gets a little bit better every day.

What is a decisive advantage with us is that we not only have strong competencies in the field of software development, but also combine industry-relevant expertise from sales, logistics and many other areas of the footwear industry.

How far we have come

Since we built our first prototype at the end of 2020, our measurement accuracy has improved massively. The first tests with our AI were still relatively sobering, with a measurement deviation of 11.2mm, this is a deviation of 2 whole shoe sizes (depending on the size system) - which is of course completely unusable. However, we have not been discouraged and accordingly we have continued to develop with extreme passion and diligence. After thousands of hours of development, after many thousands of feet measured and scanned, and with lots of Secret Sauce, we have brought the performance of our AI to millimeter accuracy. And the best part is that we are nowhere near the end, because with every scan we continue to train our AI.
With a strong partner
Fraunhofer FIT Logo
Our AI was developed in close collaboration with our development and cooperation partner, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT. Fraunhofer FIT is known for its research on high-tech user-friendly intelligent solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into business processes. The additional competencies from the fields of AI and computer vision have really made our application very precise.

Made in Germany

We have our headquarters in Hamm, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Europe Map - mySHOEFITTER Headquarters

Our history

Team photo mySHOEFITTER
The idea of mySHOEFITTER was born a few years ago by our late co-founder Markus. As co-founder of the successful e-commerce platform Tennis Point, Markus was frustrated by the many shoe returns, most of which were due to incorrectly ordered shoe sizes. The idea to do something against the avoidable shoe returns then gave birth to mySHOEFITTER.
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